2018 A PHI A Open Golf Tournament

2018 A PHI A Open Golf Tournament

It’s back!

The 2018 A PHI A Open Golf Tournament.

A benefit for the First of All Foundation.

Saturday August 18, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Indian Hills Golf Course

405 Calumet

Murfreesboro, TN

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Rules Below

The Alpha Phi Alpha Country Club thanks you for participating in our tournament. Play in this years APHIA Open and Middle Tennessee Open Tournament Divisions will be governed by the USGA Standard Rules of Golf with the addition of the below listed components:

  1. Teams consist of four (4) players playing in a Four Person Scramble format.
  2. For the APHIA Open (a.k.a. Fraternal Division) all players must be duly initiated members of Alpha PhiAlpha Fraternity, Inc.
  3. For the Middle Tennessee Open (a.k.a. Open Division), no affiliation or gender restrictions exist.
  4. Men under 60 plays from the blue (back) tees. Men over 60 plays from the white (middle) tees. Womenwill play from the yellow (middle) tees.
  5. If your team is missing its fourth player, we ask that you rotate evenly among the others three to takeyour fourth shot.
  6. Bogey is the MAX score allowable per hole.
  7. Ball may be moved one club length, but not onto the green or out of a hazard.
  8. Mulligan packs are available for purchase at $15 per person (limit one per person). Pack includes 1Mulligan Shot (opportunity to reshoot any shot), 1 Red Tee (opportunity to tee off from the red tees) and 1 Toss (toss is an extension of the previous shot or putt) NOTE THAT USE OF ANY MULLIGAN PACK ITEM ON A CONTEST HOLE ELIMINATES YOU FROM WINNING THE CONTEST FOR THAT HOLE.
  9. Contest’s and Contest Holes are as follows:
    1. Long Drive – # 18 Hole (Drive must be in fairway)
    2. Hole-In-One – # 7 Hole ($10,000)
    3. Closest to the Pin – # 15 Hole
    4. Hole-In-One – # 5, # 13, # 15 (Prizes TBD)
  10. The Putting contest will be held on the course Practice Green beginning at 11:00am and continue throughout the tournament. The person with the closest putt wins a prize and an opportunity to putt one time for a grand prize. If more than one person makes the putt there will be a putt off of all eligible contenders at the conclusion of the preliminary round. Participants may purchase unlimited Putts (tries) for the contest. One Putt Costs $5.00 and Three Putt’s for $10.00.
  11. In the event of a Tie for 1st Place in any division, if daylight permits, the affected teams will return to the course and participate in a tiebreaker. Teams will play the hole “straight up” with the best score winning. Straight Up is defined as all four members of a team playing their own ball and taking the cumulative average of the entire teams scores from said hole. The tiebreaker will begin on Hole #1 and continue until a winner is declared or darkness falls.
  12. At the discretion of the Course Pro, it may be determined that it is too dark to complete a tiebreaker. At this point, the Courses’ approved Tie Breaking Procedures will be used based on the originally submitted scorecards.
  13. Any ties for 2nd or 3rd in a division will be determined by using the Courses’ approved Tie Breaking Procedures and scorecard.


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